Monday, April 28, 2008

Pluggin' along...

Life is busy at the Sabatini's, but things are much better than when I last posted. Praise God!!! Primo and I got a short break a few weekends ago. We enlisted three other families to care for our children. It was a quick trip to Wilmington with Primo that proved to be a turning point in my relationship with Dasha. To this day I don't know what happened, but she and I have been getting along very well since then. There's no longer that tension so thick you couldn't even cut it with a chain saw. It has been nice. My fondest memory with her so far since then is the day we went shopping and bought FIVE pairs of shoes!!! I can think of NO better way to bond with your daughter!! The next major change that needs to occur is the relationship between Dasha and Primo Jr.. That continues to be a struggle and both are too stubborn to be the first to make a move. Hmmmmm, I wonder where they got that from?!! :)

School will soon be out and we will be facing summer boredom....or will we? I may have something interesting to post in the near future! Stay tuned~

Sunday, February 17, 2008

In need of a break!

This is the hardest thing God has ever asked us to do! It's been a long bumpy road to this point. Primo and I have had no time to ourselves. It's time we planned a get away so we can renew our strength! Every day is a challenge. I know God is not only growing the kids, but me and Primo too. Sometimes growing pains can be very uncomfortable!

God is STILL in control even though sometimes I feel as though I've lost it!!

Trying to keep a sense of humor....


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Holiday Season!!

We just our first enlarged Thanksgiving in traditional style. We cooked a turkey, stuffing, potatoes, salad and all the fixin's. Over the long weekend we introduced the kids (mainly Dasha because she was more interested than Michael at first) to the art of Italian cookie making. Friday we spent several hours making double batches of cherry cookies and chocolate balls. Dasha was a trooper and worked til the completion (including frosting several hundred tiny little balls!). Saturday we tackled rosettes. Michael got in on the act and I think the kids really enjoyed being a part of the holiday tradition. There were many cookies sampled, but our freezer is filling quickly with cookies to eat as it gets closer to Christmas.

Christmas shopping is well under way. I need to pull everything out and make a list of what I have and what I need to get. Dasha and Nicholas have December birthdays so I have to keep that in mind as well.

We've had many, many ups and downs in the last several months. I have to say this is probably one of the hardest things we've been asked to do (by the Lord), but I constantly see His hand of protection upon us. Just when I think I can't take any more, relief comes. Praise God!!!!

May you all have a blessed holiday season!! Remember, JESUS is the reason for the season!!! Amen!

Monday, September 24, 2007

A Trip To The Dentist

Today we went for dentist appointments. We have waited three months for this and knew it was probably going to be like opening another can of worms. Dasha went first. The hygentist emerged with the report of 13 cavaties!!! I honestly didn't expect nearly that many. Three or four maybe, but not 13!! Michael went next. His report wasn't quite as bad. He has "only" 8 cavaties, however his are deeper than Dasha's. We also have to take Michael back in two weeks to finish his cleaning because his gums were inflamed and they want them to settle down before they complete everything. I walked out with a deck of appointment cards! There will be multiple visits to get all these things taken care of.

All in all things are going well. We are really starting to "gel" as a family. The kids are struggling academically, but that is really not a big surprise to us. I'm sure the curriculum in Ukraine is not the same as it is here in America. It would be silly to assume otherwise. We are currently trying to evaluate exactly what they DO know and what they DON'T know. From there we can move forward. Primo has spent countless hours working with the kids on math. Every night after dinner the dining room becomes a classroom!

I don't know if anyone is still reading this, but I decided to blog just to see if anyone is paying attention!! Not only that, it is our way of remembering the experience too!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

VBS & Drivers Ed.

This was a really busy week! Primo Jr. had drivers ed. every day from 8:30-2:30. Primo dropped him off in the morning and I picked him up in the afternoon. He had his final today and only missed one question, so now he is eligible to do the driving portion. He should be scheduled for his driving time in the next several weeks. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing!

I taught kindergarten Vacation Bible School again this year. I had a great class! I didn't know any of them prior to this week (there are kids from many other churches that attend), but by the end of the week we were all well aquainted. I will miss them! Nicholas was in a class for 3 year olds. It was an exhausting week for him.

Dasha and Michael attended the VBS for the kids from Belarus. They were reluctant the first day, but I think they ended up doing okay. Michael has made friends with one of the older boys and spent Wednesday afternoon swimming with him and his host family. Today he went home with David (a boy that was adopted from the same orphanage as Dasha) to swim and play. He's having a great time! What a change from where he was a few short months ago!!

I hadn't written in awhile, but now you know what we've been up to. Next week should be much less hectic...I hope!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ice Cream Sundaes and Wedding Dresses

The rest of last week ended up being really good. Friday we had invited guests for dinner and I was making lasagna. Dasha and Michael jumped right in and we had a great time in the kitchen together! It was "one of those moments". The Bouchard's joined us for dinner and then the Maddox family brought cream sundaes with every topping imaginable! We had fun creating our own special treats. It was so fun just to sit and fellowship...thank God for good friends!

Saturday was a "lazy day". We stayed home all day and late in the afternoon I finally allowed Dasha to do something she's been asking for....try on my wedding dress! Let me tell ya'll, I hadn't looked at that dress in 18 years. When I unzipped the bag and took the slip out I was overwhelmed by the reality of it all....I USED TO BE SKINNY!!! ;) The dress fit Dasha like it was made for her! So Primo said I had the body of a 14 year old when we got married...I'm not sure how I should take that!! Anyway, Dasha is going to make a beautiful bride (in about 20 years)!

Today we were invited to a friends house for lunch (pizza) and a movie. All four kids went with me. They enjoyed the movies while Rochelle and I caught up on life. (Well, Nic was running around, but I assume you would already know that!) Since the kids love to watch movies, they were in their element. When it came time to leave Dasha was involved in a movie and said she was going to stay there to finish it! Rochelle, being the kind person she is, allowed the kids to bring home FIVE movies to watch! What a blessing!

Because the kids are older they have to take an oath before they can become US citizens. Guess where they have to go to take this oath? CHARLOTTE!! Again! We received our appointment today for July 27th.

Primo will be off for the rest of the week for 4th of July. IBM was generous and gave them a couple extra days. Hopefully we will have some fun family time!